Naturalizing Bulbs
Snowdrops are naturalizing bulbs. These balls are very easy; plant them before November and leave them alone. Every year the flowers come back and there are more and more. So give them enough space so that they can develop nicely. The plants like well-drained, slightly moist and humus-rich, nutritious soil and prefer to be in the sun or partial shade.

There are two main species: the Galanthus elwesii and the Galanthus nivalis. These types are available in almost every store or webshop. In addition to these two species, there are 73 other types of snowdrops. The bells are often in groups together and are about 25 centimeters high. Read more at naturalizing bulbs.

Planting snowdrops
In February or March you can clearly see where the garden could use some extra bells, so you can plant flowering snowdrops next to it. You plant bulbs before November and about three times as deep as the height of the bulb. The flowers look great in a lawn under deciduous trees and shrubs or in the border between perennials.