blue pillow

Blue Cushion flowers profusely in a lavender blue/purple color. The plant originates from the mountains and is therefore very suitable for a rock garden. Planted in groups, it is an excellent ground cover that combines well with other plants and eventually takes on the pillow shape that gives its name.

Height: 15 centimeters
When to sow blue pillow: autumn
Flowering time: spring
Latin name: Aubrita
Plant type: ground cover
Blue pillow likes slightly moist soil, but can also tolerate a dry spot in general.

2. Bellflower

The bellflower is native to northern Japan. There they grow in meadows near the mountains. The flowers are bell-shaped and bloom relatively late in summer. These purple flowering plants also come up late in spring because it stays cold in Japan for a long time in the north. The color varies from dark blue to deep purple.

Height: 40 centimeters
When to sow bellflowers: spring
Flowering time: June to August
Latin name: Campanula Addenda
Plant type: perennial
The bellflowers have tap roots and they are difficult to transplant. It is better to give a young specimen from a pot from the nursery a permanent place.