About the Dahlia
For a long time, the Dahlia had the image of being a plant for grandparents. In recent years, the vinage plant has become very hip. No wonder, because they are beautiful flowers in an incredible number of varieties: from single-flowered white flowers to spherical red, velvety bulbs with small, spoon-shaped petals. There are many special Dahlias with special names. Such as Dahlia Café au Lait or Dahlia Crème de Cassis.

Dahlias bloom for a long time and are available in endless variations of colors and shapes. They are ideal flowers to color the garden from late summer until the first frost. They combine very nicely with flower bulbs. As a cut flower you can also bring them nicely from the garden to your living room.

How do you plant dahlias?
The special thing about Dahlias is that they grow from tubers. You can buy the Dahlia tubers from March to June. Buy Dahlia tubers from a garden center or online flower bulb and plant store.

Plant the tuber in well-fertilized soil. So deep that the end from which the plant grows is just below the ground. Do not plant the tuber upside down, because then it will not grow. You have to be patient, because only after at least 5 weeks a plant will emerge from the tuber.

You can also order Dahlia plants from early summer. You then buy a Dahlia in a pot. You can also put it in the garden. Or you can keep the Dahlia in a pot on your patio. Intratuin has many variants for sale.

Different types of Dahlias
There are many different varieties of Dahlias. There are even Dahlia associations that are still trying to grow new varieties. The following types of Dahlias can be distinguished.

Single-flowered Dahlias have a single circle of petals around an open center. Examples are the Mignon Dahlia and the Topmix Dahlias. The plant of single-flowered Dahlias does not grow higher than 50 cm.